Stay Quirky Nail Polish, Sand Effect, Blazing Beauty 720 (8 ml)

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Product Highlights

g Beauty 720 it’s a storm, Sand Storm! Smooth granular effects on your nails.


  • Consistent Shade

  • Consistent Texture

  • High Color Payoff

product specifications


High Color Payoff,Consistent Texture,Consistent Shade


Full Coverage


Frosted Finish,Matte Finish,Textured Finish

Makeup Color Family



Lead Free,Vegan,Formaldehyde Free,Halal,Acetone Free,Toxicity Free,Toluene Free,Cruelty Free,Paraben Free


  • The fairies have come down to sprinkle the magic dust on your nails

  • It’s a storm, Sand Storm! Smooth granular effects on your nails
  • A woman is never lost except when she can’t find her shade of nail polish
  • In the world that is full of choices, ‘Stay Quirky’ gives you a world of choices to choose from
  • Literally! Gone are the days of not finding that particular colour that you really wanted and then having to make do with a similar colour
  • Go ahead, dazzle and sizzle by painting your nails with the shade that you can truly call ‘My Shade’