Stay Quirky Liquid Eyeliner, With Unique Ball-Joint Applicator, Brown - Smokin' Like A Rockstar 4 (6.5 ml)

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Product Highlights

Give your eyes the ultimate brown line with Stay Quirky Eyeliner. Now comes with a flexible applicatior making it easy to apply and manuver over your eyes. A formula so amazing, it literally is a weapon to kill with your eyes. Flutter 'em all you want whenver you wish to


  • Long Lasting

  • Mattifying

  • Precise Application

  • Single Stroke Application

  • Smooth Application

  • Smudgeproof

  • Transfer Resistant

  • Water Resistant

product specifications


Smudgeproof,Smooth Application,Mattifying,Long Lasting,Transfer Resistant,Precise Application,Single Stroke Application,Water Resistant


Matte Finish

Makeup Color Family


Product Type

Liquid Liner


Cruelty Free


  • Perfect winged eyeliners are now a reality

  • YES, Stay Quirky hears you! We know the daily struggle you go through to perfect that 'wing'
  • Instead of adjusting your precious hands, its time the applicator adjusts to your needs
  • Introducing a new range of Stay Quirky Eyeliners with a ball-joint applicator
  • The ball-joint gives you the needed flexibility, it moves according to the shape of your beautiful eye
  • Give your eyes the best of both worlds with its long lasting and pigmented formula
  •  Give your eyes the best of both worlds with Stay Quirky Eyeliner
  • Every stroke of this eyeliner will give your eyes the best of brown enabling you to create any kind of mesmerising look you want
  • Now comes with a new age applicator, letting you apply your eyeliner in peace
  • Say goodbye to eye stretching and uneven eyeliners with this
  • Stay Quirky Eyeliner gives a super fast drying formulation and smudge free look helping you to look glamorous for any kind of event you want to be a part of