Stay Quirky Lipstick, Super Matte, Nude, Badass - Rock My World 20

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You don't need words when your lips will do the talking. Be the lady who turns around tables by being the one who asks for nudes to be sent to her. Nude Lipsticks, babe. Who would dare to refuse 'em. The madness for matte never ends. If you thought Matte was the most awesome thing, what would you say to this super pigmented, super quirky, super cool, SUPER MATTE formula ? It's not just matte, it's Super Matte, because your'e not just a special girl, your'e Super Girl !


  • Wheatish Skin


  • Consistent Shade

  • Fuller Lips

  • High Color Payoff

  • Mattifying

  • Transfer Resistant

  • Water Resistant

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Vitamin E


Transfer Resistant,Fuller Lips,Water Resistant,Consistent Shade,High Color Payoff,Mattifying


Wheatish Skin


Matte Finish

Makeup Color Family


Product Type

Tube Lipstick


Stay Quirky BadAss Super Matte


Vegan,Toxicity Free,Cruelty Free


  • Outrageously bold
  • Outrageously rich
  • Outrageously Matte
  • These super pigmented lipsticks glide like a dream on your lips and give a supreme matte finish
  • The phenomenal style and chic beauty of these lipsticks last long and are absolutely transfer proof! No more hassle, only dazzle all day and all night long
  • A kickass formula for the sassy, for the fancy, for the classy and the badassy ! Go on ladies ! Be a total BadAss ! Life is too short to stay ordinary

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