Stay Quirky Lipstick Soft Matte Minis - Multi-Colored Love Marks, Set of 12 Mini Lipsticks, Kit 2 (14.4 g)

Rs. 399.00


Product Highlights

Thinking of owning every color the world has to offer? You can start that quest with laying your hands on Stay Quirky Multi-Colored Love Marks Mini Lipstick Set. A range of 12 colors including all the colors that suit every event you want to go for. Perfect for the times when want to take your whole lip entourage without any fuss. As they say, there is no such thing as TOO MANY LIPSTICKS!


  • Dusky Skin


  • Consistent Shade

  • Fuller Lips

  • High Color Payoff

  • Intense Pigmentation

  • Transfer Resistant

  • Waterproof

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Vitamin E


Consistent Shade,Fuller Lips,High Color Payoff,Intense Pigmentation,Transfer Resistant,Waterproof


Dusky Skin


Matte Finish

Makeup Color Family

Pinks,Reds & Maroons

Product Type

Tube Lipstick


Stay Quirky BadAss Soft Matte


Cruelty Free,Toxicity Free,Vegan


  • Stay Quirky Multi-Colored Love Marks Set of 12 Mini Lipsticks is a perfect aid for your lips

  • A vibrant range of BadAss Soft Matte colors fit for every occasion you go to
  • These mini soldiers weigh less than 2 g for you to take your makeup collection wherever you wish to
  • Going on a vacation? Don't worry the whole pack weighs less than half a kilo and its compact packaging makes sure it doesn't take much space in your vanity
  • A perfect gift for someone who is starting out on makeup and needs a little choice in deciding which color is for them
  • Your favourite Stay Quirky BadAss formulas captured in tiny bullets
  • Shades included: Pinks - Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Caress My Lips Fool 3, Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Put Your Lips On Mine 9 and Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte  - Don't Be Shy, Ask Me Out 34
  •  Red: Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Kiss Me Full Throttle 1, Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Shut Up & Kiss Me Already 5 and Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick Soft Matte - Intense Intercourse 55
  • Brown: Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Let's Go Incognito 25, Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Full Access Granted 26 and Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Shut Up & Take Me Home 72
  • Maroon - Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Shamelessly Horny Lips 6, Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Stain The Collar 17 and Stay Quirky BadAss Lipstick, Soft Matte - Get Drunk With Me 53