Stay Quirky Illuminator I'm Wet N Flashy Wet Look Tint - Bronze Babe 3 (20 ml)

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Product Highlights

It's never a bad time to get that dewy shine on your face with Stay Quirky's Wet N Flashy Wet Look Tint. A liquid formula meant to give you shine wherever you need it. Dare to be wet, flashy and oh-so-quirky!


  • Dark Skin

  • Dusky Skin


  • Easy Layering

  • Long Lasting

  • Shimmery Effect

  • Single Stroke Application

product specifications


Shimmery Effect,Easy Layering,Long Lasting,Single Stroke Application


Dark Skin,Dusky Skin

Makeup Color Family

Coppers & Bronze


Medium Pigmentation


Stay Quirky Im Wet N Flashy Wet Look Tint


Cruelty Free


  • Get that perfect dewy-beach look with Stay Quirky's Wet N Flashy Wet Look Tint

  • Meant to give your face that radiant look, Stay Quirky's Wet N Flashy Wet Look Tint, is an amazing option for anyone who loves to glow!
  • Highly pigmented and long-lasting, these liquid highlighters can be mixed with your regular foundation or can be used directly on bare face
  • On application, ensure you will look no less than a shiny diva
  • Be bold and dare to be Wet n Flashy
  • Have a fair skin tone? It's best you make Bronze Babe your friend for those perfect swipes on your face, making your face look chiselled and shiny
  • Pro Tip: If you want your body to glow like your face, just take the liquid and apply on your collar-bones or shoulders to get that pop
  • Best part? You can ever use it on your bare face for that all natural glow
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