Stay Quirky Long Wear Liquid Foundation - For That Beige Passion 7 (20 ml)

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Product Highlights

Whoever said you can’t wear foundation daily, was WRONG! Sure, Foundation acts as a base to any glamorous look that you'd create with your favourite makeup goodies. However, don't let anyone tell you that that is all it does. Stay Quirky Long Wear Liquid Foundation is specifically built to act as a second skin and be the physical block between your actual skin and the harmful pollutants in the air. In your daily routine, what you fundamentally require is evening out your skin. You tend to ignore this because, well, you don’t really have the correct solution. Stay Quirky Long Wear Liquid Foundation is the answer to all your daily base problems!


  • All Skin Types

  • Dusky Skin

  • Fairness


  • Consistent Shade

  • Consistent Texture

  • Fadeproof

  • High Color Payoff

  • Hydrating

  • Long Lasting

  • Moisturizing

  • Non-Drying

  • Non-Melting

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Almond Oil,Jojoba Oil


Non-Drying,Consistent Texture,Moisturizing,Long Lasting,Hydrating,Consistent Shade,High Color Payoff,Non-Melting,Fadeproof


Dusky Skin


Medium Coverage


Matte Finish

Skin Concern


Skin Type

All Skin Types


Paraben Free,Cruelty Free,Toxicity Free,Sulfate Free


  • When you think of getting naughty without being messy you can always count on Stay Quirky's Long Wear Liquid Foundation

  • Powered with Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil it keeps your skin nourished and matte at the same time
  • The formula is made to stay long on your skin without any worry of smudging and transferring
  • Its lightweight formulation makes sure you can build your makeup look without any worry of creasing
  • When you think of getting down and dirty, don't let your foundation move anywhere
  • It surely doesn't betray you, even if you are out all day or all night
  • Gone are the days of not finding that particular shade that you really wanted and then having to make do with a similar shade
  • Wear the shade that you can truly call ‘My Shade’
  • Everything you look for in a foundation, at your fingertips with Stay Quirky