Why Stay Quirky

Did we hear you asking why should you buy a Stay Quirky product ?

If you aren't really concerned with what make up does to the health of your nails or eyes or lips or face or the likes of it, then you most certainly do not need to be interested in the revolutionary toxin free formulae that Stay Quirky has.

If you are someone who is not looking to get like a zillion colours to choose from, well then, hey you, you can totally skip Stay Quirky. It's OK, not everyone wants to be spoiled for choices.

If you are someone who is OK with nail polish chipping off very soon or Kajal smudging off, or lipstick transferring, so on and on, well then, you girl, can stay away from Stay Quirky. Not everyone wants international quality standard after all. Sure, dust, water, pollution, wear and tear and all of these things work very hard to get applied make up worn off. We would totally get it if you do not want a Stay Quirky if you do not wish for your make up to stay.

High shine, high gloss, high quality finish, these are not things on which everybody gets high. So if you too do not want that from your make up, you can opt away from Stay Quirky.

Also, animal life consciousness. Stay Quirky is completely vegan. Completly vegetarian. No testing done on animals. No raw materials used that would be tested on animals. No animal ingredients used as well. Now this is something which we are sure you would care about :) Well then what are you waiting for?


850 Shades

I have enough nail colours, said no girl ever. Dive into India's largest selection of nail paints.

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25 Shades

Give a woman a hot lip colour and she will rule the world. Choose from the sassy, classy and Bad-Assy collection of lip colours.

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1 Shades

When eyes do the talking, why bother with words. Go bolder with the boldest eye products.

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Look Book

Nail Colours For Fair Skin

Trendy colours for the fair skinned beauty!

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Bold Shades For The Dramatic Diva

Create some drama with these nail colours!

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Nail Colours For Wheatish Skin

Perfect nail shades for the wheatish diva!

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9 Looks decoded by Larissa

Nine Nail Arts

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About us

A group of uber chic, super skilled and totally BadAss scientists set out on a journey. #TravelDiaries. They had a profound and prolific proficiency in chemistry. #TooMuchEnglish. They were looking to discover rare elements that would assist them in making the most kick-ass formulation. They crossed oceans, mountains, deserts, valleys, forests and finally reached the world of Quirky.

Breathing in the love and fashion that was there in the air, they started cooking at the ultra futuristic labs.. They mixed sugar, spice and everything nice. They purposely added chemical 'Quirky' to it. Voila ! For the sassy, for the classy, for the fancy, Stay Quirky was born ! #StayQuirky


"In love with the variety"

"The names, the textures, the brand - Super Quirky"

"Stay Quirky dares to do what none of the existing brands do"

"In love with Stay Quirky"

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